Because your CCJ Sprayer is made to last, we accompany you throughout its use.

To do so, we have at your disposal all the spare parts that compose it.

Like any machine, the CCJ Sprayer has wear parts:

The endless screw and the nozzles are subject to abrasion due to the mortar sand. Over time, these parts can lose their effectiveness.

Our advice for a homemade mortar:

  • Use sand with a grain size less than or equal to 3mm
  • Prefer a round river sand over a too angular sand
  • Do not turn too fast: about 500 rpm in jointing modus and 1000 rpm in plastering modus

"Pre-dosed" commercial mortars should be provided for machine application (most of them are).

To order: write to us from the "contact" page; We will send you the list and prices of all spare parts.